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Welcome to AAA Academics!

AAA Academics is a full service tutoring company.  We provide one-on-one or small group tutoring, and we tailor our sessions to your child's individual needs.  We tutor students from kindergarten through high school, and we help children excel in math, reading, science, foreign languages, English, and history, as well as study and organizational skills.

At AAA Academics we specialize in working with special needs students, especially those diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, autism, behavioral issues, and developmental delays, as well as struggling students who have fallen behind in the crowded classrooms of California schools. 

Our tutors are certified teachers or qualified professionals who will work with you to help your child succeed by recognizing and teaching to your child's learning style.  Using California state standards based curriculum or your child's homework, your AAA Academics tutor will not only help your child complete his or her weekly schoolwork, but act as an academic mentor and guide, helping your child learn the study skills he needs to succeed long-term, as well as the organizational skills he needs to get by day-to-day at school.

Educational research has shown that one-on-one tutoring is the most effective way to boost academic performance.  We are offering summer bridge programs starting in June to help your child catch up on any skills she may have missed this year, and be prepared for next years' skill set. Take the tears and frustration out of homework in the new school year.  Call us today to reserve your summer tutor and get your child on the right academic track!

Toll Free Number- 1-866-750-0079