About Us

Homework Help
According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, American children now spend 51% more time every day doing homework than they did in 1981. Elementary school aged children on average have 30 minutes to an hour of homework per night, while middle school children spend on average from an hour to an hour and a half on homework every night. High school students have, on average, a staggering  two to three hours of homework per evening.

At AAA Academics we understand the challenges you face as a parent, and the frustration students feel under such a heavy work load. We offer homework help for overburdened students and their families, and most importantly, we teach students strategies to complete their homework more quickly and efficiently on their own, so that they can eventually become self-sufficient workers.

Besides homework help, we also offer tutoring using our own California state standards based curriculum for students who need to review language arts and math skills.

Summer Tutoring
In addition, during the summer, we offer summer bridge programs to review the skills and standards learned in the past school year and prepare students for the next school year.

We offer tutoring to students in grades kindergarten through 12th in all subjects. We tutor in language arts, math ( elementary math through calculus, specializing in algebra), English, the sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), foreign languages, history, economics, government, and SAT preparation. We also tutor in study skills and organization- either as a supplement to homework assistance, or as a separate structured course with its own curriculum.

Special Needs Students
AAA Academics specializes in helping students with learning challenges, including students struggling with ADD and ADHD, autism, visual and auditory processing disorders, dyslexia and dysgraphia, behavioral issues, and developmental delays. Our tutors are experienced and trained to work with students with special needs, and we understand that special needs students require a unique approach to teaching and learning.

We accommodate your schedule so that our tutoring services don't become another obstacle to getting through the week. Our tutors have flexible schedules in order to give you the best possible service. Tutoring takes place in the convenience and comfort of your home or a local library.

We offer reasonable rates and do not require long-term contracts.